Throwback to the time I was consumed by Buffyverse and it’s superheroes.

I’m stuck in the Buffyverse. I can’t get over the characters, their misery and the eventual triumph. It is just so full of everything that makes life real. Did I mention the misery? The shows are symbolic of so much; redemption, strength, resolution, truth, overcoming internal demons and always fighting the good fight.

The titular characters are such role models and epitome of virtue and righteousness. Buffy is the one every woman looks up to, she’s selfless, witty and reliable besides being the strongest woman known to humanity on television. Beyond the legacy of the slayer, her emotional strength at such a young age is immense. She makes you want to be a better person. Even after being deprived of her lover, her mother and dying twice, she’ll still standing. Buffy loses herself but she never loses her way, she is a leader whose deeply rooted morals show her the way. Buffy genuinely possesses a heart of gold which gets brutally crushed many a times. She undergoes a dark phase when she feels dead inside but she walks through the fire and lets it burn her if it means doing what is needed of her; her understanding of which is almost appalling. They say the best way to die is to die in the place of a loved one, Buffy puts her life on the line every time to save the world from another apocalypse, to avoid a disturbing prophecy. She saves the world a lot and is aware that the hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Buffy Summers is the ultimate heroine who swears by her code of honour even if it kills her, she knows what’s best even if it takes time to follow suit. She beautifully matures into cookie dough and makes us realize that like her, we aren’t finished baking yet, we haven’t become the person we’re supposed to be, our story doesn’t end here.

The WB#00001

Angel is the brooding tortured soul, the ultimate saviour who seeks redemption via helping the helpless. Buffy symbolizes strength while Angel symbolizes redemption and the eternal conflict with his own demons. Angel’s search for redemption is a result of his relationship with Buffy. For the first time ever, he comes close to a hero and witnesses the bad she prevents and the positive impact she has. Buffy’s love helped Angel to become the greatest soul he was capable of being. Angel comes face to face with the power he holds and people he can save. Prior to meeting Buffy and his search for redemption after restoration of his soul, for a hundred years, Angel sought Darla. The re-conversion of Darla destroys Angel, he thought saving her would amount to him saving himself. Guilt weighs on his restored soul heavily and he realizes whatever redemption may be achieved will be insufficient and his fight against evil cannot be won because evil is inherent in human nature. Angel too, feels lost without a purpose. On multiple occasions, Angel redeems himself, overcoming personal tragedies to continue the fight against the forces of evil. He loses the love of his life, his sire and gives up his son willingly to assure him a safe and happy life. Angel’s personal sacrifices keep on mounting while he continues to live an eternal life, fighting against evil he cannot defeat, in an attempt to save a few more souls, to do the right thing.


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