For the love of Darla

Buffyverse shows have always been true to its characters, the script beautifully compliments their natural growth. The thing about the Buffyverse is, there are so many varied characters with their own miseries and stories that one can strike a major chord with even a minor character as easily as one connects to a major character. The subtle nuances, dialogue, back stories, even the actors portraying the roles make them close to your heart.


Darla is a minor recurring character in BTVS but plays a much larger role in ANGEL. She’s Angel’s sire and the mother of his child, Connor. Her character undergoes a lot of transformation because of the multiple deaths (4). What remains constant is her bond with Angel. Darla chose Angelus over The Master. For Angelus, life was boring; Darla was full of surprises. Angel and Darla accept that they weren’t capable of love as undead creatures, though they cared deeply having wreaked havoc for centuries together, always finding their way back to each other. Prior to his search for redemption after restoration of his soul, Angel sought Darla for over a hundred years. The first thing Darla tells Buffy in the presence of Angel is that the saddest thing in the world is to love someone who used to love you, revealing their past relationship to her. Angel becomes obsessed with Darla when she is brought back as human by W & H. Darla desires Angel even in human form and is hurt when Angel tells her that she never made him happy. Lindsey falls in love with Darla but she returns to Angel for help when she feels the weight of her soul. Once it is revealed that Darla’s dying, Angel risks his life to save hers, so that she can have a chance at redemption, lead a normal life. Angel is deeply disturbed by his failure to save Darla and promises to be by her side till she breathes her last. Darla is turned again and Angel reaches a new low altogether due to his inability to save her. After Darla is unable to give Angel a moment of perfect happiness, she is extremely upset due to her failure of getting Angelus back. Angel cites their time together as a moment of perfect despair. Darla shares their unborn baby’s soul and fears she wouldn’t be able to love it once it’s not a part of her. She royally redeems herself when she sacrifices her own life for their son to be born, she tells Angel that their child is the only good thing they’ve ever done together and stakes herself.

Darla_Angel_dancing              AngelDarla8-vi

Generally, fans prefer Drusilla to Darla and Julie Benz herself revealed in an interview that Darla wasn’t much liked by fans. For me, she is the most bad ass female vampire in Buffyverse, totally unapologetic about her demonic status. She wreaks havoc like nobody can, her passion reveals itself in her desire for Angelus. Darla is one of the most under appreciated characters even though she is indispensable to the mythology of the show.


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